Bali on an iPhone

As my European Adventure looms ever so near, I can’t help but think back to my last trips with great fondness and dig out a few goldy oldies 🙂

For something different I decided to share some highlights of my Bali trip back in 2014 that I shot on my trusty iPhone.  No matter what you shoot on, you can still get some great angles, colour and lighting to make interesting pictures.  Just apply the same principles you would to any other camera and above all, have fun!

As a photographer I find it so interesting to see what gear people use and where.  Myself as no exception. It’s interesting to go back and look at the moments that I obviously didn’t have a camera for but were worthy of pulling out the good old smartphone.

I’m still tossing up which camera I should take travelling as I’ve tried a lot of combinations with each having a lot of pro’s and con’s.  Let me know in the comments below what you shoot on or what you prefer when travelling.  I plan to do a review on whichever set up I take after the trip as well as a ton of tips and tricks for both photography and travel in the meantime.

Stick around, it’s going to get fun!



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