Emma + Daniel // Wedding – Coral Sea Resort


Me:  Where are you guys from originally?

E+D:  Melbourne

Me:  Same!

Me:  Tell me a little about yourselves, what are you into?

E+D:  All sorts of things but mainly sports.

Me:  Same!

Me:  What’s your favourite sport?

E+D:  Basketball

Me:  Same!


We were off to a good start!

I know I always carry on about how much #ilovemycouples, but these two are honestly one of the sweetest, most genuine couples I’ve ever met.

It’s always nice to have things in common too.  I like it when we start chatting about the celebrant and end up debating the coaching dynamics of the Chicago Bulls.

Emma and Daniel’s wedding was full of family, friends and fun.

It was clear that everyone was really close and the reception was a great time had by all.  How could it not be when the first dance went from classical waltz to 5 minute hip hop set including the painfully catchy ‘whip – ney ney’ song (second last image below).

Myself and the DJ being the only ones privy to that little surprise that had everyone in stitches and drove them all right on up to the D-Floor!


Date:  31.10.2015

Venue: Coral Sea Resort

Photographer:  Russ


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