Mission to Mission

“You are never lost if you don’t care where you are.” – Anonymous


I recently took a week off to get away from my lovely home of Airlie Beach to gain some perspective and visit some friends.  I was lucky that I could work remotely that week as well as getting a little RandR while I was at it!

During a flash flood I was able to give an impromptu ‘intro to photography’ course with some backpackers at Scotty’s beach house hostel, who were interested in capturing an interesting poolside scene.  After teaching them the basics and guestimating the settings required for a correct exposure the travellers were satisfactorily impressed and I decided to snap a frame to present (annotated below).

Also worthy of remark was the Wallaman Waterfalls inland of Ingham, Queensland.  The highest free falling waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere!  Photographs do not do it justice…

I took a Nikon D4 and an iPhone 5.

The following is the tale of my journey….


^^ The above mentioned image from the impromptu workshop ^^

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