Team Scott!!

LOVE is one word that gets thrown around quite haphazardly these days.  I’m not sure how much I LOVE lasagne , or how much teenagers LOVE their new iPhones, or even how much dogs LOVE their heads out of a car window (ok that’s a lot!), but what I do know is this super cute young family really do LOVE each other.  Enter: The Scott Family!

It truly was a pleasure to be involved in this family outing that took us what seemed like hours off the beaten path to find such a magnificent part of the Whitsundays, Queensland.  Not only was I happy with the location but Charli and Pete were VERY happy with the fresh mulberry bush.  Come to think of it Charli was pretty happy with anything edible as well as a number of things that weren’t.  But hey, that doesn’t mean you stop trying right?  Meanwhile Isabella was on the search for the perfect orange which she quickly lost interest in as soon as she found the next thing she couldn’t quite reach.  Losing the kids attention spans as the golden hour decided to pay us a visit called for desperate measures: “Throw them in the air, trust me they’ll love it”.  And sure enough we got the biggest smiles and loudest giggles of the day.

Kate, Pete, Isabella and Charli, thank you all for letting me capture your LOVE for each other and your incredible closeness.  I walked away inspired, uplifted and not in the slightest envious of your trip home with your little ‘present’ in the back…  🙂

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